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羽ばたき機の製作依頼 Request for production of Kazu ornithopter

   ---> Request site for production of Kazu Ornithpter KazuOrnithpterの製作依頼サイト

3Dプリントパーツの販売 Sale of 3D printing parts

注文をすると(英語のみです)、Shape Waysでの3D printが発注されます。
商品は、Shape Ways(オランダ)からあなたの住所に届けられます。
支払いはPayPal または 銀行振り込みです。

もし、必要なら、3Dパーツセットを購入した人に、Autodesk 123D DesignのKestrel31iV fileそのものを差し上げます。 Autodesk 123D Designをあなたのコンピュータに導入すれば、自分でファイルを改変できます。パーツが壊れたときは編集したファイルによって自分でShape Waysに注文できます。
メールをください(Shape waysのオーダー番号Order#を明記してください)。


This Shop is the site to sell a part set of the Ornithopter by 3D print.

When you order, 3D print by Shape Way will be ordered.
A product is delivered to your address from Shape Way ( Netherlands ).
The payment is PayPa or Bank transfer.

If it is necessary, I give Kestrel31iV file of Autodesk 123D Design to the person who purchased 3D print Parts Set.
You install Autodesk 123D Design in your computer and can correct the file.
When a part was broken, you can order it to Shapeways directly by the correctted file.
You can make your original ornithopter by remodeling Kestrel31iV file to your original design.
Please give me a mail. Please write order number ( Order# ) of Shape ways clearly.

This work is experimental.
I refuse a complaint.
It isn't possible to do a repayment.
When there is a question or a consultation in assembly , please give me a mail.

3D Printing framework of Ketrel31iV

1) Kestrel31iV with Artuiculated wing for Turnigy D56MG or T541 Digital Servo (This is improved version 1) (プロトタイプから改善したバージョン1です)
 2)とはサーボケースの大きさが違います。他は同じです。Size of Servo case is different from 2), and others are the same.
Kestrel31iV with articulated wings by 3D Printing Parts for Turnigy D56MG or T541BBD High Torque Nano Digital Servo

2) Kestrel31iV with Artuiculated wing for DM4.7g Servo (This is improved version 1) (プロトタイプから改善したバージョン1です)
 1)とはサーボケースの大きさが違います。他は同じです。Size of Servo case is different from 1), and others are the same.

Kestrel31iV with articulated wings by 3D Printing Parts for DM 4.7g servo (size 21.6x17.7x8.0mm)

Spec of Kestrel 31iV with Articulated wings by 3D printing Parts

I produced the parts of Kestrel31iV by 3D print.
The final weight is same as that of Goshawk25iV with articulated wings.
The base of the tail that did a fracture at crash was improved by carbon plate.
It has already be corrected this improvement on the plan.

Advantage by 3D Printing
1)Fine processing of Gear Box and Tail assembly etc. became unnecessary.
2)Work to sharpen carbon decreased sharply.
3)Therefore production time decreased.
4)Weight was almost same as that of Ornithpter using carbon parts.
5)So that it is able to be made symmetricaly, Flight performance is obedient and is easy to do control.

Kestrel31iV with Articulated wings by 3D Printing parts

length 46cm
Weight132g(with surface body about 4g)
battery Lipo 2cell 240mAh17g
(GLDAB 5g)
Total flight weight154g

Receiver: OrangeRx R415 Spektrum DSM2 Compatible 4Ch Micro 2.4Ghz Receiver
Servo:Vtail: elevator & rudder (DM 4.7g servo *2, or D56MG*2 or T541*2)
Motor: Turnigy 1811 Brushless Indoor Motor 3800kv
ESC: H-KING 10A Fixed Wing Brushless Speed Controller
Gear: Main gear: 66TM0.4 Acetal GWS EPS D (Stainless shaft3mm, 3mm ball bearing), First gear: 58TM0.4 GWS EPS 1 (=GWS IPS-41), 64P8TPinionWire(with 4mm ball bearing), Pinion Gear M04 10T
Battery: Lipo2cell 240mAhG3
Film of a wing : Orcofilm AN36
Control: 3CH (a motor, inverted Vtail: 2 servo)
Gliding system: New GLDAB

  (New GLDABはListに入っていません)
Other parts and Tools which is necessary for assembly
  (without New GLDAB and surface body)=Other Parts Set
組み立てに必要なパーツや道具のリスト=Other Parts Set(Excel file)
List of parts and the tool which are necessary for assembly(Excel file)

Brief plan簡単な設計図

Making VTR of Kestrel31iV Kestrel31iVの製作方法ビデオ(YouTube)

Making VTR of Kestrel31iV Kestrel31iVの製作方法ビデオと各号の内容

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