Ornithopter Luna Butterfly 1 remodeling
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width 35.0 cm
length 31.0 cm
wight  12.7
battery LiPo 70mAh 1.9
Tatal flight weithg 14.6

Infrared rays receiver: 3 channel 301KIT
Infrared rays-receiving element: NJL21V380A (38.0kHz)
Motor: DIDEL coreless motor φ 7mmx17mm 3.3 Ω orange
Actuator: 200 Ω magnet wire 0.05mm(AWG44) *2
Film of a wing: 2 micron film
Control: 3 channel (a motor, a rudder, an elevator)

I am charmed by an Ornithopter of Mr. Takahashi and make it.
I make Luna of Ornithopter Zone in the origin.
A thrust is a little lacking in it by a model, and there is not hovering.
Because I put a pole of carbon paper on a wing and reinforce it and improved a thrust, body weight is 1g increase. Hovering was not still possible, but it was easy to come to control it and is easy to have come to fly.