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                                                 VTR 1 (You Tube)

width 100 cm
length 60 cm
weight 260
battery Lipo 2cell 400mAh or 800mAh 40(50)
Total flight weight .300

Receiver: Castle Creations Berg Microstamp 4L 4Ch Micro Rx FM
            Castle Creations Micro Crystal Berg 50(72MHz)
Motor: speed 370SD
Battery: 2-cell.400mAh or 800 mAh
Servo: elevator (Sanwa SM555 *1), rudder (microservo *1)
Control: 3CH (a motor, an elevator, a rudder)

Because mixing of tail is not possible in the state that I purchased, I change ESC and 72Mz receiver.
Because Attached 1200mA h is heavy and power does not appear, I changed battery to 400mA h or 800mA h (2cell LiPo) . I get possible to fly Cybird.
Have lacked gear by one time of flight, and a microservo of an elevator is changed in Sanwa SM555 metal gear servo 18g.