GLDAB for Gliding system 2009/10/8
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GLDAB New Program for Gliding of Ornithopter
I changed a program of GLDAB as follows:
1. When throttle is moved to low position, motor works by the set output.
When magnetic force is detected, a motor stops.
2. The time when a motor works by the set output is one seconds.
GLDAB is very good device for Gliding of Ornithopter. Total weight(GLDAB+Magnet+Sensor) is only 5-6g, and is very simlpe setting & structure.
Please look for more detail :

Now, on the basis of GLDAB, I make a base and I collect parts and produce small GLDAB.
This small GLDAB can be carried small ornithopter.


New Programed GLDAB


The GLDAB unit is intended for positioning the wings of an RC ornithopter into the gliding position.
It works in conjunction with a mechanical ratchet.

IMPLEMENTATION (see picture) 実施(図を参照)

The unit should be inserted between the RX and the ESC.
The magnetic detector connected to the unit is used to detect the stop position.
The magnet should be fixed onto the main gear of the mechanism.
The magnetic detector and the magnet should be aligned when the mechanical ratchet is engaged.


At first hang a ratchet on a screw of a gear and fix wings at a gliding position (see figure).
At this position, install a magnet detector and a magnet like a figure.
The top of the detector (component side) should be mounted facing the magnet!
Please regulate height so that the distance between the detector and the magnet become short as possible.

Equipment connection 装置の接続

OPERATION (enter glide sequence)

At first you let your Ornithopter fly at low speed as much as possible.
When gliding is ordered (throttle low), during one second, the motor works at a pre-selected low speed and stops when the magnet is detected, ensuring that the mechanical ratchet mechanism will engage and lock the wings.

If the magnet still is not detected after 1 seconds, the motor shuts off.
When the throttle is raised again, the glide sequence terminates and normal throttle control is restored.


Set-up mode allows you to change the motor speed setting used to move the wings downward to the “locked” position.

-->To enter set-up mode, set the throttle to "full" for 2 seconds, right after connecting the battery or turning on the RC system. LED blinking.
-->Move throttle to "off" position for 2 seconds. LED ON.
-->Move throttle to the desired motor speed setting. The LED will blink for 4 seconds.
-->The selected motor speed is memorized at the end of these 4 seconds. This position becomes the most low velocity position in normal motor control (a motor rotation start at this position).

Warning: If the selected speed is too low, the wings do not move to lock position, so, the wings will not lock. And your model will be put in jeopardy.
注意: もし設定したモータースピードが低速すぎると、翼は固定位置まで動かず、翼は固定されません。あなたの羽ばたき機は危険な状態になります。

Normal start-up is performed with throttle set to "off" position. The LED is ON for 2 seconds right after power on.
正常なスタートアップ: 正常なスタートアップはスロットルスティックが"切りoff:スティック位置最下位)の状態で行われます。

1. Disconnect between ESC and battery
2. Throttle up at max high position
3. Connect between ESC and battery -> Motor not run and LED on
4. Wait more than 2 seconds -> LED off
5. Throttle down at max low position -> LED on
6. Wait more than 2 seconds -> Motor Run slow speed and LED repeat on-off for 4 seconds ->Set throttle position at that you wish for runnig motor speed while LED flashes on and off (It is usually OK at the lowest throttle position). When on and off of LED is end and Motor stops, Set position is memorized.

Set is End.

1. ThrottleUp -> Motor Run
2. Throttle max Low ->Red LED on and Motor Run on Setup speed
 After 1 second, Motor stops.
3. When Magnet passes magnet sensor->Red LED off and Motor stops
4. When Magnet sensor contact Magnet,
      Motor stops at Max low Position of Throttle.


In order to achieve a successful glide lock, it is necessary to tune your controller/ESC accordingly.
Speed in a gliding start, the strength of wind, a voltage fall of battery influence a position of a stop of a gear.

If the wings not lock, try to setup “selected low motor speed” higher.

If in flight, the setuped low speed of the motor is too weak, then it is necessary to reprogram to stronger torque.

The GLDAB can be programmed for all the motors (brushed or brushless),   for various wings, for more or less wind

(2010/5/9 postscript)
In the state that the battery voltage is falling, if you move a throttle to max low to let GLDAB act, the voltage of battery may suddenly falls. So, ESC may recognizes low voltage, and a motor has stopped.
In this state, wing does not move to a locked position for gliding, and your ornithopter is to fall.
When the battery voltage fell, do not operate GLDAB.
I suggest to let you land your ornithopter in flapping.
注意:(2010/5/9追記) バッテリー電圧が低下しつつある状態でスロットルを下げてGLDABを働かせると、急激に電圧が低下し、ESCが低電圧を認識しモーターが停止してしまうことがあります。この状態では滑空状態にロックされる位置まで翼を動かせず、墜落することになります。バッテリー電圧が低下してきた場合は、GLDABを動かさず、羽ばたきながら着陸させることをお奨めします。

Please look this Video.