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width 105.0 cm
length 63.0 cm
weight 407.0
Lipo 3cell 11.6V 600mAh 55.0
Total flight weight 463.0

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the fuselage same as YardHawk
Receiver: Castle Creations Berg Microstamp 4L 4Ch Micro Rx FM
cryistal: Castle Creations Micro Crystal Berg 52(72MHz)
Servo: elevator (Hitec HS-45 Feather Premium High Speed/Torque Servo), rudder (do)
Motor: brushless Waypoint 2209 1820Kv motor
ESC: Castle Creations Thunderbird-18 Brushless ESC
Battery: Lipo 3-cell. 600mAh
Control: 4CH (a motor, Elevon tail 2ch: rudder)
Gliding sysytem GLDAB
Wings: made by 45 times foamed polypropylene Core, 4mm and 2mm carbon rods, Ripstop(0.65oz), Power rip, Super Seam Tape 9460PC
Wing profile S4083 modefied
Gear Main Gear 32P56T Stainless Steel
First gear 48P66T
Pinion Gear: 48P 24T