Leonopteryx 11-1           2010/01/24 UP

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Leonopteryx is a flight creature appearing in Avatar.
This creature which James Cameron created has a suitable design for flight.
Hind legs work well as inverted V-shaped V-tail.
Flight manoeuverability of Leonopteryx 11-1 is very good.

width 146 ‚ƒ‚
length 98(to the end of tail): 127(to the appendix of tail) ‚ƒ‚
weight 574 ‚‡
battery Lipo 3cell 850mAh 74 ‚‡
Total flight weight 648 ‚‡

the fuselage Slow Hawk 3
Receiver: Castle Creations Berg Microstamp 4L 4Ch Micro Rx FM
cryistal: Castle Creations Micro Crystal Berg 52(72MHz)
Servo: ƒT[ƒ{FHitec HS-65MG Micro Servo USpeed/Torque Servo ~3
Motor: Brushless motor which is attached to Slow Hark 3 (Kv= 4200)
ESC: 20A ESC for Brushless motor which is attached to Slow Hark 3
Battery: Lipo@3-cell. 11.6V@850mAh
Control: 5CHiMotor,@‚h‚Ž‚–‚…‚’‚”‚…‚„@‚utail , rotary Rudderj
Gliding sysytem GLDAB
Wings: 4mm and 2mmA1.6mm@carbon rods, Orcon film, Ripstop(0.5oz), Super Seam Tape 9460PC
Gear Main Gear 32P56T
First gear 48P72T
Pinion Gear 48T 10T