Pteranodon5-5 Vtail
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width 99 cm
length 72 cm
weight 80
battery Lipo 2cell 200mAh 20
Total flight weight 100

Receiver: FM 72MHz MINOR FLAT(Micro Invent) for Futaba
cryistal: Castle Creations Micro Crystal Berg 52(72MHz)
Servo: elevator & rudder (Blue Arrow 2.5g 2 pieces)
Motor: Hyperion Y12 Long Motor 4100Kv 1.5mm shaft
Gear: Gearbox GWS GW-IPS-RLC-D "D" Type 9.66:1 Ratio 
--- FirstGear GW-IPS-4D GWS IPS B Spur Gear M0.3 87T.
----PinionGear GW-IPS-9D GWS IPS D Pinion Gear M03 9T
Main Gear : GW-EPS-4C GWS EPS C Spur Gear M04 64T
ESC: Feigao FG-6A
Battery: Lipo 2cell 200mAh
Control: 3CH (a motor, V tail:2 servo)
Film of a wing: 10 micron film (polyethylene bag thickness 0.01mm for cooking), 0.65Oz RipstopNylon

I changed carbon plate(leg) to carbon pipes. I improved linkage by a direct application of ruddavator (foot to a servo).
I changed motor to pawerful Hyperion Y12 Long Motor 4100Kv.