Swift F7
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width 68.0 cm
length 46.0 cm
weight 84.0
battery Lipo 2cell 240mAh 18.0
Total flight weight 102.0

Receiver: 72MHz FM 4ch R4J NANO72
Servo: R/C HOBBY DM-4.7G ×2
Motor: Cosmotech CT1811-2900C:KV2900
ESC: HobbyWing Pentium 6A
Gear: First Gear GWS IPS A Spur Gear (M0.3 x 82T, M0.4 x16T)---Changed Inner Gear to 64P16TPinionGear
 Main Gear: GWS EPS C Spur Gear (M0.4 x 64T)---Changed to 64P64TPinionGear
 GWS M0.3 12T pinion gear
Battery: Lipo 2cell 240mAh Hyperion G3
Control: 3CH (a motor, rudder, elevator)
Film of a wing: 10 micron film (polypropylene bag thickness 0.01mm for cooking), 0.65Oz RipstopNylon

Gear and Wing Support