Slow Hawk 2
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                                  VTR1 (15MB MPEG)

                                            VTR 1 (You Tube)
                                            VTR 2 (You Tube)
                               VTR3 with GLDAB (Gliding system) (You Tube)

width 122.0 cm
length 75.0 cm
weight 350.0
battery Lipo 2cell 800mAh 50.0
Total flight weight 400.0

Receiver: Castle Creations Berg 7P 7Ch FM Programmable Vert Rx
cryistal: Castle Creations Micro Crystal Berg 52(72MHz)
Servo: elevator (Hitec HS-56HB Karbonite Gear Sub Micro Servo U), rudder (Hitec HS-55 Economy Sub Micro Servo)
Motor: Fusion 380
ESC: Great Planes ElectriFly C-12 Micro Brushed ESC w/BEC
Battery: Lipo 2-cell. 800 mAh
Control: 3CH (a motor, an elevator, a rudder)

Shop where I purchased this Ornithopter OVIRC in France
Maker : Hobby Technik in USA

By use of an attached motor, SH2(Slow Hawk 2) is possible very stable flight. The fuselage is very precise and firm. This is a splendid Ornithopter.

I tried to glide SH2 by GLDAB (Gliding system).  VTR3 with GLDAB (Gliding system)