Slow Hawk 2 with Articulated wings
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width 122 cm
length 75 cm
weight 350
battery Lipo 3cell 900mAh 85
Total flight weight 435

Slow Hawk 2 with Articulated wings
Receiver: Castle Creations Berg Microstamp 4L 4Ch Micro Rx FM
cryistal: Castle Creations Micro Crystal Berg 52(72MHz)
Servo: elevator (Hitec HS-56HB Karbonite Gear Sub Micro Servo U), rudder (Hitec HS-55 Economy Sub Micro Servo)
Motor: PULSO X2208/22 Brushless motor
ESC: Castle Creations Thunderbird-18 Brushless ESC
Battery: Lipo 3-cell 900 mAh
Control: 3CH (a motor, an elevator, a rudder)