Tupuxuara 7-9

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                                                                                     VTR 3 Tail motion (YouTube)

width 124 cm
length 74 cm
weight 136
battery Lipo 3cell 450mAh 42
Total flight weight 178.0

Receiver: 72MHz FM 4ch R4J NANO72
cryistal: Castle Creations Micro Crystal Berg 52(72MHz)
Servo: Hitec HS-45 Feather Premium High Speed/Torque Servo*2, R/C HOBBY DM-4.7G Servo*1
Motor: Axi Brushless Out-Runner 2204/54 Gold Series
ESC Dualsky 12A XC1210BA
Gear: Motor pinion gear: 64P20Tpinion gear 
First gear :GWS64P58T spur gear +48P6T pinion wire
Main gear: 0.5M 72T Aliminium spur gear
Control: 4CH: a motor ESC, Elevon 2, a rotary rudder
Battery: Lipo 3cell 450mAh
Film of a wing: 10 micron film (polyethylene bag thickness 0.01mm for cooking), 0.65Oz RipstopNylon
Gliding New GLDAB for Gliding

A hind leg of right and left acts as Elevon.
A waist turns and works as Rudder.
Movement is the same as Pteranodon9-7.